Our Mission

Mission Statement

As a lifelong participant in the dance world, I am passionate about the art of performance. Through my experiences as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer in all genres of dance, I have developed a deep appreciation of the magic of dance, both from onstage and in the audience. I believe that something incredible happens when all of the details fall into place; the audience experiences something irreplaceable by any other medium when music, choreography, lighting, and costumes work together synergistically.

I know how challenging it can be to bring all of these details together, and the importance of having proper resources. This is why I created Tutulist, the first online marketplace for dance costumes. My mission is to connect dancers, parents, teachers and choreographers in a way that has not ever been available. Tutulist is the platform for buying and selling gently used, beautiful dance costumes.

Whether you are searching for a great deal on your next costume or you’d like less clutter in your closet and more money in your pocket, Tutulist has what you’re looking for! Just like any great dance performance, we know that every costume deserves an encore.

Happy dancing!

Sara, Founder of Tutulist